8 cod or halibut fillets
1 leek
Ariadne Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt Pepper
3 tbs of Ariadne Pure Grape Syrup
2 tbs of Ariadne Pure Wine Vinegar with Garlic and Basil
2 tbs of red wine

Wash and chop the leek and the parsley. Apply salt and pepper to the fish and coat it with flour. Pan fry the fillets and place them on a plate.
With the remaining olive oil ( I usually throw away half ) saute the leeks and once done hit them with vinegar and wine. Once the alcohol is vaporized add the parsley and dill. Add the Grape syrup and cook for 1 to two minutes until the sauce is done. Add the filets again in the sauce and serve.

Gemini Big Fat Crab

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